'Hazard + Hope' is being created to inform and inspire 
adaptation and resilience to a changing climate.
Throughout this series we'll be discussing the causes and consequences of different hazards, but rather than focusing solely on the doom, gloom and negative conditions that can ensue, we're highlighting a range of spatial, social, environmental & economic strategies that can help us to mitigate/adapt and prevent further and future vulnerability.  


Stories of ways in which people have adapted their homes to be more flood resilient 


We're creating these episodes to showcase the benefits of resilient design so that we empower others to see that there are ways to adapt to flooding and other natural hazards. We don’t just want to focus on the doom and gloom but rather highlight success stories of HOW people have made positive changes to their properties and environments that can inspire others to do the same. 

In the first episode of ‘Our Flood Resilient Home’, Ed heads to York to visit Claire Foale to hear about how flooding has affected her home and the range of different ways her and her family have adapted their property to make it more flood resilient. 

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Stories of businesses that have adapted their premises and practices/procedures to be more flood resilient

In this episode of ‘Our Flood Resilient Business’, Ed heads to the village of Mytholmroyd in the Upper Calder Valley to visit Lisa who runs the Blue Teapot Cafe to hear about how flooding has affected her business and the range of different ways her and her colleagues have adapted the property and their practices to be more flood resilient. 


Throughout 'Hazard and Hope', principles, processes and strategies for climate adaptation are discussed at a variety of scales (e.g. catchment, community, street and building). This diverse approach helps to more clearly convey a range of types of adaptation and highlight to different stakeholders how and where they can intervene to make a positive change. 

The Environmental Design Studio

Hazard and Hope™ is being created and run by The Environmental Design Studio (TEDS). TEDS is an award winning social venture, that has been setup to inform and inspire adaptation and resilience to a changing climate for the benefit of those exposed or vulnerable to climate related issues. TEDS work internationally on projects at a range of scales and are driven by the challenge of designing for adaptation to a changing climate. TEDS areas of expertise include strategies for resilience to; Flooding, Heat Waves, Extreme Cold, Drought, Wild Fires,Energy Shortages and Earthquakes.These activities are facilitated and undertaken through design, research and training initiatives.


Ed Barsley

The Hazard and Hope™ series is being curated and part presented by Ed Barsley (Founder / Director of TEDS). He is a specialist in environmental design in architecture, with a particular interest in developing strategies to improve the resilience of communities and the built environment. In 2020 his RIBA book ‘Retrofitting for Flood Resilience: A Guide to Building and Community Design’ was released and in 2018 ran the RIBA’s nationwide core CPD lecture series on flooding, with the seminar ‘Designing for Flood Resilience’. Ed has been involved with a number of Research Council-funded studies, including the PhD he has been working the University of Cambridge on flood-resilient architecture and the communication of risk.

RIBA's new book on adapting to climate change by Ed Barsley

In January 2020, Ed’s RIBA publication ‘Retrofitting for Flood Resilience: A Guide to Building and Community Design’ was released. The book is a detailed and highly visual resource that showcases the causes and consequences of different types of flooding, as well as tools, techniques and strategies at a variety of scales that can be used to adapt the build/natural environment to be resilience to this threat.  

“We’re at the start of the climate decade. The ideas in this book are absolutely key to what we should be doing.”


Chair of the Environment Agency & UK Commissioner to the Global Commission on Adaptation

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